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The Gateway Gaston

Let The Gateway Help!

The Gateway Gaston exists to connect our community for the common good.

The Gateway connects people with resources to make positive life changes. Your referral could change someone’s life by extending a true hand-up that places them on a journey to counseling, life-coaching, and fully integrated support services.  Please bookmark and use the Gateway, link above.

All Gateway referrals are handled with dignity and respect as they are immediately contacted (Always within the same business day – Over 90% are contacted within the hour.)

Upon Contact

  1. The client’s needs are determined and vetted to determine if the needs are CRISIS or CHRONIC.
  2. The client is connected with the appropriate CRISIS Relief agency. Clients are educated regarding required paperwork, hours of operation, and protocols.
  3. Offered no-cost clinical counseling if the need is more CHRONIC than crisis.
  4. Offered structure and accountability to move beyond whatever has them entrapped economically, professionally, etc.

R. Dwayne Burks

Director / Chaplain The Gateway

Welcome to our site. I love working with individuals, houses of worship, businesses, nonprofits and even governmental agencies  to serve communities with dignity.

After growing up in Hickory, NC my wife Charlotte and I settled in her home of Gaston County.  It is here that we have invested our lives and reared four wonderful children. I am glad you are here and I look forward to working alongside you for the common good.

What is The Gateway?

The Gateway connects our community resources. Regardless if you are searching for work, seeking financial coaching / assistance, or clinical counseling our team of volunteers and professionals will help you connect and be served with dignity every time. Last year we served over 6500 of your neighbors and friends.

Success Stories

Stewardship involves more than just material assets, in fact, I would argue that the biblical model of good stewardship centers on how we utilize our time. The question isn’t if we need RCG or if we can afford to partner with them in ministry. The question is whether we can afford not to embrace a trusted ministry that helps the helpers while equipping those in need for sustainable success.

Johnathan Bryson

This service has helped us out in situations where we come up empty handed with our resources. I have often told clients to give me a call back if they don’t get a phone call from y’all, and to this day I have not received a call back saying they are still waiting. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for helping make this tool simple and allowing us to utilize it.

April Stanifer

The King's Daughters Ministry

Interning at the Gateway showed me why we need  this type of service. Some people are unaware of the different types assistance that they can receive and the Gateway helps them navigate the system.  

Renea Adams

Gateway Intern