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Connecting Communities with Resources


How would you handle these situations:

  • A friend suddenly loses their job without warning
  • Someone stops you in a parking lot and asks for a handout
  • You are overwhelmed by your financial situation
  • A friend is bereaved or depressed
  • Your coworker asks you where he can get some parenting guidance

What is The Gateway?

The Gateway provides a single connection point to resources to address these and other human needs. The Gateway extends a hand-up and not just a hand-out to anyone in need.

Just enter the person’s name and contact number into the portal and they will immediately be called by a qualified, caring member of our team.


  • Immediate personal, pastoral contact
  • Individualized vetting to determine urgency of situation
  • Referral, with supports to proper crisis agency for their locale
  • Invitation for cost-appropriate clinical counseling
  • Ongoing case oversight and accountability

How can you support The Gateway? 

The Gateway is funded by generous donations by individuals, houses of worship, businesses, grants, and organizations. Click the orange button below to make a gift to the Gateway!

    How does The Gateway work?


    The Gateway connects people with resources to make positive life changes. Your referral could change someone’s life by extending a true hand-up that places them on a journey to counseling, life-coaching, and fully integrated support services.  Refer them through the portal.

    All Gateway referrals are handled with dignity and respect as they are immediately contacted (Always within the same business day – Over 90% are contacted within 90 minutes.)

    Upon Contact

    1. The client’s needs are determined and vetted to determine if the needs are CRISIS or CHRONIC.
    2. The client is connected with the appropriate CRISIS Relief agency. Clients are educated regarding required paperwork, hours of operation, and protocols.
    3. Offered no-cost /appropriate cost clinical counseling if the need is more CHRONIC than crisis.
    4. Offered structure and accountability to move beyond whatever has them entrapped economically, professionally, etc.
    5. Offered the opportunity to participate in the NetworX poverty extraction initiative, once their situation has stabilized to a reasonable level permitting them the capacity to engage beyond ‘crisis’ mode.

    How You Can Help Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

    Anyone who approaches or calls your front desk seeking benevolence supports may be referred to The Gateway.

    All submissions all submissions at are contacted within 90 minutes by a trained Gateway volunteer team member who will discuss how we might support them with dignity by extending a true hand-up.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What if the person says he/she is escaping domestic violence?

    Immediately offer the phone so they may call 911. Of course, if you feel unsafe, call 911 yourself.

    If they choose not to do that they may call the domestic shelter’s 24 hour crisis line at (704) 852-6000 but please ALSO enter them into the GATEWAY for follow up.

    Remember the GATEWAY is poised to serve everyone – not just those with crisis situations. In fact, our focus and specialty is people who are ready for a hand-up. You may encounter people who desire counseling, career coaching, wellness lifestyle supports, financial coaching, or basic resource connection within the community. These are all people who can be served by a simple click and submission.

    The Gateway initiative is designed to support our community’s houses of worship, crisis agencies, and other organizations by distinguishing true crisis needs and ongoing chronic dependency. Those in crisis are connected with our exceptional crisis support agencies. Those with deeper, long-term need are coached and counseled back to self-sufficiency.

    Are you available to volunteer? 

    We are looking for dedicated volunteers to work with the Gateway! Please click here to indicate how you would like to assist.

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